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Allison Ford has been working with children of all ages for the past seventeen years. She began this journey as a teen mentor, coach, and tutor, volunteering five days a week throughout her high school and college years.

Naturally, she became an Educator, teaching Advanced Placement Language and Composition and English Honors at the high school level. She also filled her time with coaching both competitive cheerleading and girls flag-football. After being in the classroom for eight years, and having two children of her own, she decided to speak on a message near and dear to her heart. She speaks on Motivation, Leadership, Self-Reliance, and Creating Culture With Ease.

She is a writer, speaker, and coach. She brings all that she has learned inside of the classroom to each and every platform she can. Her latest projects include the completion of a book, which deals in creating effective communication within our home, in which she conducted a full year of research to complete—speaking with hundreds of teens and parents. She is also the founder of an online program called Motherhood MBA, the ultimate Business Model for the home.

She has been featured in Healthy Intent Magazine, MINT: Media Impact and Navigation for Teens, The Women’s Empower Expo, Checking-In Conference Series, Top Ten Percent Banquet and Recognition, JA Pivot and Pitch Panel Judge, and more.

Fun facts
about Allison

Allison used to play women’s professional football for the WPFL as a wide receiver.

She writes screen plays in her spare time

She does acro yoga tricks with her kids (as they are great for resistance training)

She listens to Wayne Dyer almost every morning

She taught her husband to twerk… and he’s a champion twerker at this point

She also taught her husband how to do a back-hand-spring and he learned it in about 3 minutes (very annoying!)

She has four brothers and one sister

Growing up her family had chickens, geese, and peacocks

She loves pickles

Oh and she teaches Yoga!